SunCoast Pathology Associates, Inc

SchuyNet System Requirements

To run SchuyNet, you need a computer with an Internet connection, and the following requirements:

A supported Web browser (see list below).
Sun Java version 1.5 or later.
You must allow the laboratory's web site to display pop-ups on your computer (these are used to display requisition forms in SchuyNet).

Here are instructions for ensuring you have these requirements:

Make sure you have a supported Web browser.

Although any Web browser that can run Java version 1.5 or later should be able to use SchuyNet, you may encounter unusual behavior if you are using a browser that we have not tested. We test our software using the latest versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

Internet Explorer:

Windows computers come with Internet Explorer pre-installed; it is already your default Web browser. You can ensure that you have the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer available to you by running Windows Update. If you are using Windows, we recommend using Internet Explorer to access SchuyNet.


Firefox can be downloaded from Mozilla at by clicking on the green "Download Firefox" button. Firefox automatically checks for updates; if updates are available, a red arrow will appear on the upper right hand corner of the screen; you can click it to install the updates. Firefox is free. Although we test SchuyNet on Firefox on a regular basis, we do not provide technical support for other uses of the Firefox application; if you need help with Firefox, please see Mozilla's support page (


Netscape can be downloaded from Netscape at Scroll down to "Products and Services" and select "Netscape Browser".

Get Sun Java version 1.5 or later.

The Java runtime environment is provided by Sun Microsystems. To get it, use your Web browser to go to Near the top of a page is a large yellow arrow. To the right of the arrow are some links, including "Verify Installation." Click "Verify Installation" and then click the green "Verify Installation" button. The Web site will detect your java installation.

Your "Java Runtime Vendor" should be "Sun Microsystems Inc." and your "Java Runtime Version" should be 1.5.0 or higher. It is okay if the web site says that "You do NOT have the latest version of Java software," as long as your vendor and version are as shown above. If not, or if Java was not detected on your computer, follow the instructions on the Web site to install Java.

Allow pop-ups on the laboratory web site.

Many modern browsers block pop-up windows to prevent unwanted ads from popping up in your face and improve your Web experience. In many cases, this is what you want. However, in SchuyNet, pop-ups are used to display requisition forms. Therefore, you will need to allow the laboratory's web site to display pop-ups on your computer. You can do this while still blocking pop-ups from other Web sites.

Microsoft Internet Explorer: On the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer:

Go to the "Tools" menu.
Mouse over the "Pop-up Blocker" submenu.
Choose "Pop-up Blocker Settings" from the submenu.
Enter the lab's Web address in "Address of Website to allow" box.
Click "Add."
Finally, click "Close."
The lab's website will now be able to display pop-ups.

Mozilla Firefox: On the latest version of Mozilla Firefox:

Go to the "Tools" menu.
Select "Options."
Click on the tab labeled "Web Features."
If the "Block Popup Windows" check box is checked, then your browser is blocking popups, and you need to continue with these instructions. Otherwise, you do not need to do anything more.
Click the "Allowed Sites" button to the right of "Block Popup Windows."
Enter the lab's Web address in the "Address" field.
Click "Allow."
Click "OK."

Netscape: On the latest version of Netscape:

From Edit select Preferences
From the left hand side menu, click on + to open Privacy & Security
Under Pop-up Windows, ensure the 'Suppress pop-ups' radio button is not selected
Then select Exceptions
Type the lab's Web address in the "Address" field and click Add
Click OK