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Manifest Review

There are two ways of getting results through SchuyNet. One, the interactive result view, is suitable for onscreen review of results; it is designed to allow you to easily navigate the data onscreen and access prior results. The other, the printable report, is an official report from the lab, just like the one you would get on paper. It has no special interactive features, but can be used for official and archival purposes, just like an ordinary paper report.

This section discusses the interactive onscreen result view.

Suppose you want to review a previously created accession, or get your laboratory results for review. If it is a recent accession, you can select it from the Recent Accessions box on the main screen, and open it by clicking Select Recent Accession. The patient information will open with the accession you chose selected, and the requisition form or interactive results form will automatically display in a new window.

On the interactive results form, if you have access to any prior results on a test for a patient, you can quickly get a graph of result history on a given test by clicking the "prior" link on the far right of that test's row.

From the patient info, you can view a requisition form or interactive results form by selecting the date and time tab on the top of the patient info screen and clicking "View Requisition" or "View Record."