SunCoast Pathology Associates, Inc

Adding a New Patient

If you are ordering tests on a patient for the first time, you will need to enter in patient demographics for the new patient into the system.

If you are not sure if the patient is in the system, you can simply look up the patient's name by entering the name into the “Patient Name� field and pressing Enter or clicking Lookup Patient. Please be certain that you enter the patient's last name, followed by a comma, followed by the patient's first name (you can also just enter the last name to get a list of patients with that last name).

If the patient exists, SchuyNet will bring up the patient's information. If there are multiple patients with the name that you entered, SchuyNet will bring up a patient list screen with all the matching patients listed.

If there are no matches, SchuyNet will bring up the patient list screen, but it will inform you “No Matching Patient Found.� If this happens, o if none of the matches represent the patient you were trying to find, you can create a new patient by clicking the “create new patient� button on the search result window.

If you know a patient has never had tests run before, you can simply click on the "New Patient" button from the start page. Any information in the patient name area will be carried over to the new patient screen, and when the new patient is created in our system you will have the option to enter in more information.

On the New Patient window you will type in the basic patient information.

Only the Last Name field is required to complete this step (the red star after “Last Name� indicates that this is required information), but the more information you put in, the easier it will be to differentiate patients with the same name. This also lets SchuyNet make simple checks. For example, when you order a pregnancy test, SchuyNet can check to make sure the subject of the pregnancy test is female. (Veterinary labs will also have additional options in the Gender selection for Spayed and Neutered animals, and multiple species available in the Patient Type box.) As can be seen in the example above, the Age will be automatically calculated from the date of birth if it is entered in the appropriate box. When you have finished here, you can click the "next" button to enter in additional information, or click the "finish" button to go on to other options.

If you click the "next" button you will go on to the Client and Insurance Information form. For many cases, this will consist of a single client and multiple doctor choices, but other configurations are possible. This page is where you would put in ID numbers for the patient's insurance setup and bill type. When this information is entered, you can click the "finish" button to validate this new patient's information.